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Experience a true Arabian night fit for royalty at Ali Grill. Taste the authentic flavours of Arabic food and the richness of Middle Eastern cuisine at Ali Grill Aurora. Using ancestral tools and ingredients, we create dishes from the past that rewrite our recipe for the future. Meat, vegetables or pulses. Our menu has been created to satisfy the tastes of everyone that craves delicious, fresh Arabic food made from the traditional cooking techniques of our grandmothers. As generations turn the pages of our book, we continue to remember these familiar tastes by fusing them into our dishes today. Whether you are choosing from a selection of hot and cold beverages, a wide variety of mezze, kebabs, shawarma or fish dishes, our chefs invite you to experience some of the most authentic cooking techniques.

Dining is not just about food; it is about a whole range of pleasurable experiences. The idyllic venue offers diners an elevated dining experience, paying homage to the region's traditional dishes but served for the modern day.Everything here speaks about the generosity of our land and its people.

We know that food well-cooked enriches our bodies and souls. That is why our recipes have earth and tradition at their roots. Our ingredients are freshly hand-picked and deliciously grilled, making sure we deliver the healthiest of Middle Eastern pleasure.Our innovative chefs master the process of delivering authentic Middle Eastern food.Our traditional meals take you beyond the expected in a very smooth and tender taste, by the time you finish eating, it will all feel like a heavenly dream!At our Middle Eastern Restaurant in Aurora, you will feel at home. Your heart will be at ease where every traditional Arabic bite will be telling a different story.The different Middle Eastern meals we offer, will be new to you and yet so familiar in an unconventional way.

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